Out of gauge (OOG)


Out of Gauge (OOG) is typically that cargo which exceeds the dimensions of a shipping container by length, height or both. TCB Group has built a reputation on our ability to manage the shipping of any cargo that is outsized or awkward. In fact we made our name on that reputation: “Taking Care of Business.”

Out of Gauge

TCB Group Out of Gauge (OOG) Service is an integral part of what we do. We have long standing relationships with customers throughout the world. These are based on our continued ability to deliver quirky, outsized and awkward cargo to anywhere in the world. It is delivered with the same speed, efficiency and professionalism as if it were a regular-sized crate.

There are many different features to the OOG service we provide. All of which are based on our experience and the needs of our customers. Which have helped design an unrivalled shipping process.


Our staff will:

    • Load, lash and secure the cargo at your origin port or nearby depot
    • Arrange inland collection and deliveries using variety of equipment.*
    • Arrange policing/inland transport notifications if required.*
    • Stevedoring (loading or offloading cargo to and/or from a ship), port lashing and port storage facilities.*
    • Organise and administer customs clearance and documentation.*

*availability differs by location

We see the role of TCB Group in the shipping process as working in partnership to make the transportation of your cargo as seamless and as painless as possible – regardless of shape or size.

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