Freight Forwarding

TCB Group has been freight forwarding for over 11 years. Acting on behalf of our clients we manage the safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods and cargo anywhere in the world via air, sea or road.

Freight Forwarding

Operating out of our strategically placed network of branch offices located in Belfast, Liverpool and Singapore we are able to manage the global transportation of cargo and have established a reputation as “resourceful problem solvers.” At TCB Group we treat our business relationships as true partnerships. We consider our role in managing the delivery of your import and export consignments as an extension of your business operation.

Through a highly skilled and experienced team. We collaborate with our customers to problem solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes in the shipping and storage of materials and equipment anywhere in the world. Our team of freight forwarders are experienced and highly qualified in understanding all aspects of shipping and freight forwarding. We importantly understand fully the needs of customers.

From managing logistics, negotiating tariffs or managing the administration of complex customs regulations. TCB Group excel at the management of cost-effective and safe movement of cargo to anywhere in the world. Our experience means we can create the optimum freight solution to meet the needs of your business.

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